Zoo Class Hierarchy

Implement a class hierarchy for a zoo, with a base class Animal, and various child classes for different types of animals like Mammal, Bird, Reptile. Each animal should have a name and a unique sound. Implement methods to print the name and the sound.

Example 1:
Input: animal = Mammal("Elephant")
Output: Name: Elephant, Sound: Trumpet
Example 2:
Input: animal = Bird("Parrot")
Output: Name: Parrot, Sound: Chirp

Use inheritance to create child classes for different animal types, and override the method to return the specific sound for each animal type.

class Animal:
    def __init__(self, name):
        self.name = name

    def sound(self):

class Mammal(Animal):
    def sound(self):
        return "Trumpet"

class Bird(Animal):
    def sound(self):
        return "Chirp"

animal = Mammal("Elephant")
print(f"Name: {animal.name}, Sound: {animal.sound()}")

animal = Bird("Parrot")
print(f"Name: {animal.name}, Sound: {animal.sound()}")

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