User Class Hierarchy

Write a class User and then create child classes Admin, Customer, Supplier, each with different permissions. The Admin should have all permissions, the Customer can view and buy, and the Supplier can view and sell. Implement methods to print the permissions.

Example 1:
Input: user = Admin()
Output: Permissions: View, Buy, Sell
Example 2:
Input: user = Customer()
Output: Permissions: View, Buy

Use inheritance to create child classes and override the method to return the specific permissions for each user type.

class User:
    def permissions(self):

class Admin(User):
    def permissions(self):
        return "View, Buy, Sell"

class Customer(User):
    def permissions(self):
        return "View, Buy"

class Supplier(User):
    def permissions(self):
        return "View, Sell"

user = Admin()
print(f"Permissions: {user.permissions()}")

user = Customer()
print(f"Permissions: {user.permissions()}")

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