Social Network Management


Write a class SocialNetwork with private attributes for friends and blocked users. Implement methods for sending and receiving friend requests, making sure that blocked users cannot send requests.

Example 1:

Input: Friend Request: "John", Block User: "John" 
Output: "Blocked user cannot send friend requests"

Example 2:

Input: Friend Request: "John"
Output: "Friend request sent"
Maintain separate lists for friends and blocked users. Check the blocked users list before sending a friend request.
class SocialNetwork:
    def __init__(self):
        self._friends = []
        self._blocked_users = []

    def send_friend_request(self, user):
        if user in self._blocked_users:
            return "Blocked user cannot send friend requests"
            return "Friend request sent"

    def block_user(self, user):

# Test the class
social_network = SocialNetwork()
print(social_network.send_friend_request("John"))  # Output: Blocked user cannot send friend requests

social_network = SocialNetwork()
print(social_network.send_friend_request("John"))  # Output: Friend request sent

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