Particle Motion Simulator

Write a Python class Simulation that represents a simple particle motion simulation. The class should have a method to update positions of the particles, handle collisions between particles, and visualize the current state. Assume each particle is a point in 2D space with an x and y coordinate.

Example 1:

sim = Simulation()
sim.add_particle(1, 1, 1)
sim.add_particle(2, 2, 2)
(2, 2)
(3, 3)

This problem requires knowledge of kinematics and physics. For simplicity, assume that all particles move with a constant velocity, and a collision results in an exchange of velocity between two particles.

class Simulation:
    def __init__(self):
        self.particles = []

    def add_particle(self, x, y, velocity):
        self.particles.append([x, y, velocity])

    def update_positions(self):
        for particle in self.particles:
            particle[0] += particle[2]
            particle[1] += particle[2]

    def handle_collisions(self):
        for i in range(len(self.particles)):
            for j in range(i+1, len(self.particles)):
                if self.particles[i][0] == self.particles[j][0] and self.particles[i][1] == self.particles[j][1]:
                    self.particles[i][2], self.particles[j][2] = self.particles[j][2], self.particles[i][2]

    def visualize(self):
        for particle in self.particles:
            print((particle[0], particle[1]))

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