Medical Record Management

Create a class MedicalRecord that holds private attributes for a patient’s medical history. Include methods to add and retrieve medical entries, making sure that the data is validated.

Example 1:

Input: Add: ("2022-02-02", "Flu"), Retrieve: "2022-02-02" 
Output: ("2022-02-02", "Flu")

Example 2:

Input: Add: ("2023-02-30", "Cold")
Output: "Invalid date"

Use a dictionary to maintain the medical history and validate the dates when adding new entries.


import datetime

class MedicalRecord:
def __init__(self):
self._record = {}

def add_entry(self, date, diagnosis):
datetime.datetime.strptime(date, ‘%Y-%m-%d’)
self._record[date] = diagnosis
except ValueError:
return “Invalid date”

def retrieve_entry(self, date):
return self._record.get(date, “Entry not found”)

# Test the class
record = MedicalRecord()
record.add_entry(“2022-02-02”, “Flu”)
print(record.retrieve_entry(“2022-02-02”)) # Output: Flu
print(record.add_entry(“2023-02-30”, “Cold”)) # Output: Invalid date


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