Gaming Profile Management

Write a class GamingProfile with private attributes for game scores and achievements. Include methods to update these, making sure that the updates follow certain rules (e.g., scores only increasing).

Example 1:

Input: Update Score: 500 
Output: "Score updated"

Example 2:

Input: Update Score: 300
Output: "Score cannot decrease"

Check the current score before updating.

class GamingProfile:
    def __init__(self):
        self._score = 0
        self._achievements = []

    def update_score(self, score):
        if score >= self._score:
            self._score = score
            return "Score updated"
            return "Score cannot decrease"

    def add_achievement(self, achievement):

# Test the class
gaming_profile = GamingProfile()
gaming_profile.update_score(500)  # Output: Score updated
gaming_profile.update_score(300)  # Output: Score cannot decrease

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