Date String Validation

Write a Python function that accepts a string representing a date (in the format “YYYY-MM-DD”) and raises custom exceptions for scenarios like an invalid month (greater than 12), invalid day (greater than 31), etc.

Example 1:

Input: "2023-13-20" 
Output: "Error: Invalid month."

Example 2:

Input: "2023-11-31" 
Output: "Error: Invalid day."

Use the datetime module to parse the date string.

from datetime import datetime

def validate_date(date_str):
        datetime.strptime(date_str, '%Y-%m-%d')
        return "Valid date."
    except ValueError:
        raise Exception("Error: Invalid date.")

print(validate_date("2023-13-20"))  # Output: "Error: Invalid date."
print(validate_date("2023-11-30"))  # Output: "Valid date."


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