Creating DataFrame from a Dictionary

Write a Pandas program to create and display a DataFrame from a specified dictionary data which has the index labels.

Example 1:

Input: {'Name': ['Tom', 'Jack', 'Steve', 'Ricky'],'Age': [28, 34, 29, 42]}, index=['rank1', 'rank2', 'rank3', 'rank4'] 
Output: DataFrame

Example 2:

Input: {'Country': ['USA', 'Canada', 'Germany', 'UK'],'Population': [328, 37, 83, 66]}, index=['rank1', 'rank2', 'rank3', 'rank4'] 
Output: DataFrame

Use pandas DataFrame function to create DataFrame from dictionary. Provide index as a separate argument.

import pandas as pd

def create_df(dictionary, index):
    df = pd.DataFrame(dictionary, index=index)
    return df

print(create_df({'Name': ['Tom', 'Jack', 'Steve', 'Ricky'],'Age': [28, 34, 29, 42]}, index=['rank1', 'rank2', 'rank3', 'rank4']))
print(create_df({'Country': ['USA', 'Canada', 'Germany', 'UK'],'Population': [328, 37, 83, 66]}, index=['rank1', 'rank2', 'rank3', 'rank4']))


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