Budget Management

Create a class Budget that maintains private attributes for different spending categories. Include methods to allocate and spend money, ensuring that overspending is not allowed.

Example 1:

Input: Allocate: 1000, Spend: 500 
Output: Remaining: 500

Example 2:

Input: Allocate: 1000, Spend: 1500
Output: "Insufficient budget"

Check the remaining budget before allowing any spending.

class Budget:
    def __init__(self):
        self._amount = 0

    def allocate(self, amount):
        self._amount += amount

    def spend(self, amount):
        if self._amount >= amount:
            self._amount -= amount
            return "Insufficient budget"

    def get_remaining(self):
        return self._amount

# Test the class
budget = Budget()
print(budget.get_remaining())  # Output: 500

print(budget.get_remaining())  # Output: Insufficient budget

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