Airline Booking System

Write a Python class AirlineBooking that allows booking, canceling, and checking availability of flights. The class should have methods to book a flight, cancel a booking, and display available seats.

Example 1:

Input: book_seat(5), available_seats()
Output: 45

Example 2:

Input: book_seat(5), cancel_seat(3), available_seats()
Output: 48

Maintain a variable for total seats and a variable for booked seats. Provide methods to book, cancel, and check available seats.

class AirlineBooking:
    def __init__(self, total_seats=50):
        self.total_seats = total_seats
        self.booked_seats = 0

    def book_seat(self, seats):
        self.booked_seats += seats

    def cancel_seat(self, seats):
        self.booked_seats -= seats

    def available_seats(self):
        return self.total_seats - self.booked_seats

# Example usage
booking = AirlineBooking()
print(booking.available_seats())  # Output: 45
print(booking.available_seats())  # Output: 48

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